Ungani Oil Field

Asset overview Ungani Oil Field


Onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia

325km2 production licenses: L20 and L21

~100km east of Broome


Buru Energy Limited

JV partners and interests

Roc Oil (Canning) Pty Limited


Buru Energy Limited (Operator)



Oil field currently producing gross 850 bopd high quality (37 deg API) crude from five wells tied back to a centrally located production facility for simple separation and storage. Oil is trucked to an export terminal at Wyndham (1000km away), stored in tanks and exported by ship.

The production licenses include appraisal potential at the Ungani North discovery.

 First Production July 2015 from two wells.  Two additional wells commenced production in May 2018.  One water disposal well was converted to production in 2H 2018.  One infill well was drilled and commenced production in November 2019.
 Geology The asset is located in the Fitzroy Trough of the onshore Canning Basin.  The main oil play is Carboniferous dolomite conventional reservoirs of the Lower Laurel Formation in fault and dip-closed structures, sealed by Laurel marine shales.  There is also hydrocarbon potential in the overlying Carboniferous to Early Permian clastic reservoirs.

On 21 May 2018, ROC agreed to buy a 50% interest in the Ungani production licenses from Buru. 

In 2H 2018, the JV drilled the Ungani 4 sidetrack production well and the Ungani West 1 near field exploration well.  Ungani Far West 1 water disposal well was converted to production.  Ungani 3 and Ungani West 1 are used for disposal of produced water.

In 2019, the JV drilled the Ungani 7H infill well, with two horizontal laterals.  A second horizontal infill well (Ungani 6H) was drilled to top reservoir and suspended.

The JV plans to take advantage of the presence of a rig in the basin in 2021 to drill a further well at Ungani, with the objective of accessing additional reserves and extending the field life.

On 21 May 2018, ROC agreed to acquire 50% interest in three exploration permits (EP391, EP428 and EP436) from Buru, by funding part of an exploration program of up to four wells. In 2019, the JV drilled the Adoxa 1 exploration well in EP428 which intersected a potential oil zone at ~1900m. ROC subsequently withdrew from the permits effective 31 December 2019, while maintaining a contractual back in right (until December 2022) to a 50% interest in a production license granted over the Adoxa 1 well upon confirmation of a hydrocarbon discovery after flow testing this well.